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Helicopter Charter

With the world around us getting busier than ever, sometimes you just have to smell the roses a little. You may still have to get from A to B to stick to a busy schedule, but why not do it in some style?

A helicopter charter puts a massive tick in this box.

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Whether you need to get to an important meeting and make the ultimate first impression, are enjoying a day at the races, or even if you’re just in town for a few days and want to see the sights by air, a helicopter charter can accommodate all of these situations and more.

We have a list of thousands of satisfied clients that are more than happy to recommend both our helicopters and our services.

We are confident that we can offer you the trip of a lifetime, and for much less than you were expecting to pay too. Experience the thrill of taking to the skies in one of our luxury fleet of helicopters https://www.helicopter-ride-near-me.co.uk/ and let us provide you with a memory that you will never forget.

Charter Flights Near Me

Our charter flights are an incredible way of experiencing a mode of transport that you don’t get to enjoy every day.

Helicopter charters are a truly unique method of transportation, and they’re so versatile too. Here are just some of the situations that we have helped our amazing clients to experience;

  • Airport transfer - who needs a taxi with a copter on hand?!

  • Arrive at business meetings in style instead of sitting in endless traffic

  • Wedding day - arrive at your venue in the ultimate show-stopping entrance

  • Tourist excursion - see the sights from above so you can fit more into your day

  • Special birthday celebration - treat for the one you love to the flight of a lifetime

  • Wedding proposal - make that special moment even more unforgettable

  • Sports excursion - start your day the way you intend it to go and turn up to the races or the game as a VIP

Of course, these are only a few of the services that we can perform. We already try to tailor each experience to the client but if you have another requirement we are sure that we can accommodate it for you.

Private Helicopter Price List

If you have ever wondered what a private helicopter experience would be like, then there’s no better time than the present to make that dream a reality. If you have an important meeting to get to and you don’t want to risk the traffic, then a private chopper is the perfect answer.

Likewise, you could bring the client to you. There aren’t many other things as impressive as sending a private helicopter to greet a client and it will certainly make the experience memorable for them and get negotiations off on the right foot.

A private helicopter price list is available on request by completing the contact us form provided. We know that once you have been bitten by the chopper bug, you won’t want to travel any other way. 

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Charter Helicopter Cost

A charter helicopter experience is the best way to multitask. If you have several meetings at various points across a busy city, then sitting in traffic is going to make it nigh-on impossible for you to stick to your schedule.

By chartering a copter, you drastically reduce your travel time which allows you to get the maximum potential out of your calendar. Think how many more appointments you could fit into your day if you scheduled a helicopter to;

  • Take you from the airport to a meeting

  • From one meeting to another

  • Collect and take you to hotels

Of course, it’s not just business where this applies. An occasion such as a wedding is perfect for a chartered helicopter. The happy couple can be choppered into the ceremony and arrive in incredible style, leaving their guests open-mouthed.

After the ceremony, they can be whisked away to the venue and maybe even get in a spot of sight-seeing while everyone else struggles with traffic! A chartered helicopter costs less than you realise and has the power to make an already special day even more special.

Private Helicopter Flights

Private helicopter flights are not something that you book to take a tour of your surrounding area or your nearest town. You want to get as far away from being local as possible and really enjoy yourself.

Choose your chopper from our fleet of beautiful machines then choose your destination from the many we have on our books.

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Private Chopper Price

You would think that the price of a private chopper would set you back more than you could ever afford, but you’d be wrong. For example, wedding hire https://www.helicopter-ride-near-me.co.uk/wedding/ is one of our most popular choices and with everything else you have to pay out for where a wedding is concerned, it must be affordable if it’s so popular.

Complete the contact form provided and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a complete idea of private chopper prices for you.

Helicopter Cost Per Hour

If you are concerned that hiring a helicopter for a full day would be too long, then why not enquire about the helicopter cost per hour instead?

If you have a business meeting but the closest airport to it is miles away and getting there by car would take forever, then just hire a chopper for the few hours that you need it. 

Heli Copter Charter 

Heli copters are unique in their ability to get you to your destination in no time at all because, unlike a private plane, thanks to their size they are able to land in so many more destinations.

This gives you so many more options and you could literally step out of a heli copter and into your desired location. A heli copter charter saves precious time and money and gives you the opportunity to do more with your day.

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Contact us now if you are looking for helicopter charter that specialises in luxury, entertainment and a first-class service. We will be pleased to answer any questions about our immaculate fleet of helicopters and look forward to hearing what purpose you require them for. 

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