Wedding Helicopter Hire in Altnamackan

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Wedding Helicopter Hire

What would be the ultimate entrance to your wedding? A classic car? A supercar? A limo? All very nice options but also slightly predictable. Why not go all out and really go for shock value and arrive at your wedding in a helicopter!

Wedding helicopter hire is an incredible way to not only wow your guests but make sure that you, the happy couple, get an experience that you won’t forget any time soon.

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Who’s to say there has to be a reception full of expectant guests? Maybe you want to get married ON the helicopter?!

Choose your chopper from our impressive fleet, climb on board, buckle up, and then enjoy breathtaking scenery and heart-pounding adrenaline as we whisk you away to your destination. Your amazing day starts right here!

Wedding Helicopters Near Me

Wedding helicopters are fast becoming THE transport of choice for a couple’s big day. It’s not hard to see why, really; They are the ultimate statement of ‘look at me,’ something you definitely want on your wedding day!

Helicopter charter is becoming more common and it is no surprise, people are interested in this for their wedding day.

More visually impressive than a car, infinitely more exciting to ride in, and the envy points that you can cash in from your guests is limitless. Seriously, how often do you get to ride in a helicopter in everyday life?

Imagine how spectacular your photos will look of you alighting from a helicopter in your wedding outfits. The ones taken by your guests on their phones will be great but the official ones will look utterly incredible.

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Helicopter Hire for Wedding

The closest most people come to being in contact with a heli copter is seeing one in a movie. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to take a trip in a chopper then why not indulge that fantasy on your big day?

Helicopter hire for weddings is now as popular as hiring a vintage car. People used to think that because a heli copter is pretty large then the rental price would be equally big. Nothing could be further from the truth and you get so much more for your money in terms of thrills and adrenaline bursts.

The bride could climb into the chopper as Miss Smith for the last time and enter it again an hour later to get to the wedding breakfast as the new Mrs Jones! Why turn up to the biggest day of your life using the same roads you drive every day?

Take to the skies and enjoy the ride, get the adrenaline pumping and have your first toast as a married couple in the air overlooking incredible scenery.

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How much is it to Hire a Helicopter?

How much is it to hire a helicopter? you may ask. Wedding helicopters have been increasingly popular over the past few years as people have started to realise how inexpensive they are to hire.

There’s enough to pay out for with a wedding, and the little luxuries shouldn’t break the bank. Fortunately, this type of hire doesn’t fall into this category.

The cost of the hire will depend on certain choices you make such as the one you choose, how long you need it for and how far you need to travel in it. The beauty of the copter, though, is that apart from being ridiculously cool, it can land virtually anywhere.

You could take off from the middle of a field and land on a rooftop in a city, in the grounds of the local church, or be dropped off in a nearby beauty spot for some incredible photos. The choice is yours, so get in contact with us to see how we can help to make your day incredibly special.

Chopper for Weddings Near Me

Hiring a chopper for weddings would have seemed like a ludicrous idea a few years ago, but their popularity has soared. As people strive to put their own stamp on their big day their ideas have gotten bigger and bigger.

Imagine (truthfully) telling people that you haven’t got a car and then turning up in a chopper - the looks on their faces will be priceless.

Think about how incredible a black and white shot of the happy couple walking away from the helicopter with aviator sunglasses will look.

You could even take your phone onboard with you and do the most impressive Facebook live event your friends and family have ever seen.

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Helicopter Wedding Entrance

Wedding helicopter hire not only gives you an amazing experience in the air but it also gives you the ultimate entrance.

Think of how amazing it would be if you were having an outdoor wedding; the officiator asks you to stand for the bride and then instead of walking demurely down the aisle she lands in a chopper instead!

Get some music pumping as well and make an entrance to remember (and one that will probably go viral on the internet).

A helicopter wedding entrance will really set the benchmark for the rest of your day. Start the day with an unforgettable twist on a wedding entrance and leave the guests wondering what other surprises are to come.

Wedding Helicopter Charter

Looking for a wedding helicopter charter near me? Having trouble finding a helicopter hire company in the surrounding areas? Save your fingers from doing any more walking because we have everything you need right here.

We have a fleet of exquisite helicopters to choose from with a variety of different packages available. Contact us for more details by filling in the attached form and let us guide you through booking an incredible experience for the happiest day of your life.

Helicopter Hire for Prom

Proms have become a really big deal in the past ten years or so. Everyone tries to outdo one another with the biggest entrance to the prom that they can muster. Hiring a chopper to make your entrance surely has to win you the ultimate in bragging rights, surely?!

Helicopter hire for a prom will ensure that whoever is making the journey will get the reception of a lifetime when they touch down.

Our helicopters can hold up to eight passengers, so if everyone makes a contribution to the rental then the cost is negligible when it is stacked up against the experience and the memories that it provides.

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Whether you are looking for wedding helicopter hire or rentals for prom, our team can help you. Make certain to get in touch now for the very best prices. Simply fill in the contact form now and we will get back to you with a great price.

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